This is a list of meditation books, CDs and cards that are recommended for reading or hearing and are also available at the Inner Space Center for sale.

  • Inner Beauty by Anthea Church
  • Healing Heart and Soul by Roger Cole
  • Wings of Soul: Releasing your spiritual identity by Dadi Janki See review
  • Meditation: 13 Path Ways to Happiness See review
  • Shantivan Cookbook by Sara Albion
  • Happy Hearts Cookbook See review
  • Spirituality in Daily Life by Jayanti Kriplani
  • Spiritual Greatness by Dadi Janki See review
  • Inside Out by Dadi Janki
  • Angels by Anthea Church
  • Awaken Your Inner Wisdom by Jayanti Kriplan See review
  • Is There Another Way by Dadi Janki
  • In the Light Of Meditation by Mike George
  • 7 Aha’s of Highly Enlightened Souls by Mike George See review
  • 1001 Ways To Relax by Mike George
  • Don’t Get Mad Get Wise by Mike George
  • 7 Myths about Love … Actually ! by Mike George See review
  • Seeking Silence by Anthony Strano
  • Slaying the Three Dragons by Anthony Strano See review
  • The Alpha Point by Anthony Strano
  • God’s Healing Power by Jayanti Kriplani See review
  • Companion of God by Dadi Janki
  • Knowing Myself (beginners CD) See review
  • Journey Within: Experiencing Meditation by Michael Timmins with Kim Cunio See review
  • Peace of Mind by Carmen Warrington See review
  • Letting Love In by Lucinda Drayton
  • Letting Go Moving On by Lucinda Drayton
  • Moving On 1 by Margaret Pinkerton (spoken by Carmen Warrington) See review
  • Moving On 2 by Margaret Pinkerton (spoken by Carmen Warrington)
  • Healing Heart & Soul by Margaret Pinkerton (spoken by Carmen Warrington)
  • Relax Kids: Guided meditations by Marneta Viegas See review
Self Mastery Cards 

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